Apple Watch Ultra bands

Can anyone recommend where to buy Apple Watch Ultra bands or is amazon the best place? I saw nomad had a nice one.

I’m partial to Apple’s bands right now. I have all three and use them all for different occasions and moods. The trail loop gets the most time as I find it insanely comfortable and easy to wash. I know they are pricey, but they are all great!


I’ve tried all of the new ones, and I’ve settled on the trail loop which is really nice to wear. Definitely my favorite watch strap ever! I found the other two new ones uncomfortable or awkward to tie up.

I’ve stuck with the orange alpine band and love the color. I would buy some of the others but can’t be bothered to switch them out.

Agreed. I’m loving the Trail Loop

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Oh, I love that one, too! That’s the one that I wear second most compared to my trail loop. I mostly wear the ocean band when I am going to be somewhere where I’m spraying sunblock on.