Apple Watch Widget “Smart” Stack

Maybe I misunderstand this feature but isn’t the point that new content is presented based on context and upcoming events?

Yes, that sounds about right. Use the Smart Stack to show timely widgets on Apple Watch – Apple Support (UK)

I only see the content I had there which is only limited to 3 items

You must have apps installed on the watch, they must offer widgets, and expose them to the correct API.

I assume also that watchOS will need to learn your behaviours.

I’ll not hold my breath

A better solution would be to add more than 3 widgets

I have yet to update, but I was looking forward to this feature. Your post saved me some hassle getting it to work correctly. I never liked the Siri watchface for a similar reason. It seemed super dumb. Bummer it has not improved.

So far the only thing I’ve seen it service is timers. Disappointing

Still hoping the next OS makes this functional

I currently have seven widgets in the smart stack on my Series 9, including the one that gives me quick access to three apps, and it looks like I could probably add another.

Using watchOS 10.

I’ve got fifteen right now. Seems that it might be a LIFO stack?

Presumably this is determined by hardware as my older series 4 is limited to 3 pinned widgets and has never presented a “smart” other than Now Playing

That makes sense. It’s probably due to limited RAM and/or storage on the 4, which is 5 years older than the current 9.