Apple Watch Workout - Workout Request - Who do I send this to?

I like to ruck (carrying a weighted backpack to hike/walk with) and when I use the hike workout it doesn’t know I have added weight so it just thinks I’m more out of shape than I really am. That bothers me since it makes my data junk in a way. I researched the formula and the scientific papers with the calculations and all of that and submitted a new workout request in the feedback app since I have the beta installed. My question is, is that the right place to get it in front of the eyeballs necessary to get a workout added? I tried to be helpful by giving them most of what they need to add it, but worry it’s not the right eyeballs.

Does anyone have any advice on how to get it to the right team?



@MacSparky my apologies if this is frowned upon to tag you, but I thought maybe you would know better than most if there is a better way than submitting feedback recommendations in the beta feedback app for requesting a rucking workout be added to the Apple Watch.

An alternative approach I was wondering about is whether a Siri shortcut could edit workouts like the actual data behind the scenes for the calories burned and whatever else would be changed from a hike to a ruck with the added weight.

Or is that able to be done through the API and then build a basic app that only functions to add ruck workouts to Apple health through an api maybe.

I’ve submitted them through Apple’s standard feedback form. I’d love for a few extras myself.


@lnchbx13 this seems too niche for Apple to add to their Workouts app.

I’d start looking for 3rd party solutions. I had a look at this article.

It says you can do it on Strava but I can’t see any evidence of that in the app, but worth exploring all of the links to see what’s available already.

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