Apple wired earbuds warranty?



The earbuds included with my iPhone XS Max (purchased late November) are flaking out - they keep randomly pausing/playing/pausing/playing. I know it’s not the iPhone because I switched over to my old earbuds (used with Apple’s $9 Lightning-to-3.5mm Headphone Adapter) and everything works as expected.

I do have AppleCare+

So, quick question: are the earbuds under any kind of warranty?


If you have Apple care then your Phone, Wal Charger, Lightning Cable and Earbuds are covered. I have replaced many lightning cables and had no issue.


That’s great news. Did you walk in or did you make an appointment?


I usually walk in and in under 10 mins even on a busy day they attend to it.


They even replaced the Lightning-to-3.5mm Headphone Adapter :slight_smile:


Should be covered by the limited warranty for the first year.