AppleCare downgrade and the internet makes me tired

I have had my phone (13Pro) for about a year and a half and would like to downgrade my AppleCare plan. I currently have theft and loss and would like to stop paying $13.95 (or whatever it is) a month. I’ve searched and the links take me to how to cancel a subscription. AppleCare is kind of a subscription but doesn’t not appear in the subscription list on the phone.

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I believe you can only entirely cancel AppleCare after you’re past the window to add it. You can’t downgrade to the cheaper plan. I’d love to be wrong.

That sounds about right but it’s so wrong :slight_smile:

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This was within the eligibility period, but I remember we got an Apple support person to help us when my other half had AppleCare through Best Buy. We signed up for AppleCare at Best Buy, not realizing we were getting some ridiculous Best Buy-intermediated thing. We got the old plan cancelled and a new one set up while we were on the phone with Apple’s customer service.

It’s a long shot, but it’s possible that as long as the AppleCare is still active you could remove the one plan and add the cheaper one. I’d call Apple customer service.


Sure. Just call AppleCare and they’ll take care of it for you.

AppleCare+ (the subscription version) is a subscription that appears in your subscriptions list alongside app subs or Apple One etc but only if it’s been associated with your Apple ID which may not be the case if you purchased it online at the time you ordered your phone.

It can be added, though, either by calling AppleCare or self-service at