AppleCare on 16"

AppleCare+ on the new laptop is $379 which to me is a bit insane. I know this new laptop has some new features like the keyboard which obviously had so many problems in the previous models. Granted, they acknowledged the problem and are fixing keyboards.

I don’t know if the screen or how many other things on this 16" is considered new technology that would lend itself more to getting AppleCare.

I’ve done some digging on this forum about Applecare but it’s mostly about non-laptops. Curious what people’s thoughts are on Applecare at this price point.

I did find someone post about Amex cards decreasing their warranty for some of their cards which was interesting. Need to know how that may affect my card although I was planning on using an Apple Card to get some money back on the laptop purchase.

Any thoughts on this? It’s one thing if it was $250 but $379 is substantially a lot more.

I always recommend Apple Care on any laptop. Repairs are to expensive.
Imagine there is an other widely “known issue” that hasn’t been acknowledged by Apple with a warranty extension program. You will be nervously waisting your time on this and other forum’s discussing that Apple should cover the expensive repair etc etc
Apple Care gives you piece of mind that unless there is physical or liquid damage that is will be covered.

I don’t trust credit card benefits as they can change them any time at their will.

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I got Apple Care+ for the 13” MacBook Pro I bought at the end of September. I’m admittedly a bit paranoid.

In any case, just a few thoughts to consider as you run the numbers on cost:

  • Are you a student? Student discounts work on Apple Care. If memory serves, Apple Care+ for the 13” is $269, but I only paid $215.
  • If you’re not a student, does your employer have any sort of business arrangement with Apple? If they do, you can use their discount, even for personal purchases. (Unfortunately, student and business discounts can’t be stacked, but one of the managers at my local Apple Store always helps me figure out which discount will get me the better deal in any particular situation.)

And of course, if you use the Apple Card, the 3% cash back works on Apple Care+, too, so that will help a little.

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I’ll actually second what Rogier said.

Also, I should have mentioned that student discounts aren’t just for students. Faculty can use them, too. Thank heaven — since I’m not a student. :slight_smile:

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I’d go for it. I recently had what would have been a USD 575 issue fixed for free two weeks before my applecare expired on my 2016 MBP.

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tl;dr - I would recommend getting Apple Care+.

Generally, extended warranties are a bad idea because (1) people overestimate the likelihood that repairs will be necessary and (2) the cost of repairs on most appliances and electronics are about the same as the cost of the extended warranty.



However, this wisdom does not necessarily apply to devices like cell phones (even the Consumer Reports article cited above recommends getting extended warranties like Apple Care or Samsung’s Premium Care for phone) and computers. For me, I’ve almost always benefitted from having Apple Care+. I’ve used it for repairs the most on iPads, but also a couple of times on iPhones. I was able to get my logic board replaced on my 2015 MacBook Pro 15" because of Apple Care+. And I’ve gotten my money’s worth out of the warranties by being able to call Apple tech support for any issue that arises.

Sorry if I sound like a salesperson, but I’ve become a true believer. I turn down extended warranties for just about everything else.


I’m in the same boat. I put a 16" MBP in my Apple shopping cart and stopped when I got to AppleCare+ which costs 16% of the device. Reflecting back on all my recent Apple purchases (12" PowerBook, black plastic unibody MacBook, 2012 15" retina MacBook Pro still in use, 2016 MacBook Escape 5 iPads and 4 iPhones). I’ve only used it maybe once on the MacBook Escape whose keys stopped working. With the money saved in not buying AppleCare+, I could have bought another laptop.

16% of the purchase price is a bit to ask for an extended warranty. Of course, Murphy’s law will likely prevail and I’ll be kicking myself when the speakers explode or screen melts.

I had the same thoughts but went with AppleCare+ for the 16". My main reasons were that I travel a lot and would be taking it with me, so there are lots of opportunities for things to go wrong. On my previous laptop, I had several repairs but they were all covered by the warranty (dead pixels on the screen and keyboard issues).

Personally, I think it’s worth the piece of mind. If you travel, it is a sound investment because someone could easily spill something on it or it could be damaged by accident. At least with AppleCare, you don’t have the consequence of a huge bill if this does happen.


I stay away from extended warranties, I even declined it on my new iPhone this year which is really expensive to repair, but I’m careful with my tech and have never had a failure due to dropping or spilling something on a computer.

That said, you should also listen to Marco’s tale of his 16" MacBook Pro on the latest ATP. in the “Marco’s Vacation” chapter.