AppleCare Theft and Loss protection

Apple is adding a “Theft and Loss” coverage option to AppleCare+ according to this MacStories article. Looking at the Apple website, it appears to add $100 to the cost of AppleCare+ ($299 rather than $199 for the iPhone XS). The deductible for theft/loss is higher than the AppleCare+ charges for a damaged iPhone, but much less than the cost of a new phone.

The one caveat to this is that you may already have some coverage through your homeowners or renters insurance policy. When my iPad Air 2 was stolen after I left it in a coffee shop a couple years ago, my renter’s insurance covered it (albiet with a $500 deductable). They wanted a police report though, so I don’t know if it would have covered a straight-up loss rather than a theft. It might be worth checking your insurance policy to see what coverage you already have before springing for this.

I don’t know if this is a good deal or not, but it may give some folks peace of mind when it comes to the price of these new phones (up to $1449 for a 512 GB iPhone XS Max).

I am trying to find peace of mind with these prices. I am trying to figure out how did we get to this point of paying so much for an iPhone. My iPhone 7 Plus was $869 on release day (128 GB), fast forward 2 years and the X Max (256 GB since no 128 GB option) will run me $1249 !!!

Add 2 iPhones, AppleCare+, 2 x series 4 watches = mortgage payment.

Regarding AppleCare+, I’ve never used it so far. I buy it year after year “just in case” something happens and I have regret for not getting it. @ChrisUpchurch I never thought about going through my homeowners insurance, interesting.


If you take advantage of Applecare+ Apple can’t raise your rates like homeowners insurance can. Something to consider.

I find AppleCare+ to be worth it for peace of mind even though I’m not sure I’ve ever had to use it for any of my Apple devices aside from being able to call Support after a year’s time.

When a friend bought his Apple 6 without Applecare+ I strongly recommended it to him. He gave in, bought it, and 2 days later the phone fell into the toilet. A couple of hours - and $50 - later and he was given a new phone.

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Well, if you look at the specs for that iPhone XS Max that I referenced in my original post, it’s screen is about the same resolution as a 13" MacBook Pro, it has as much storage as a mid-range MacBook Pro, and if last years’ benchmarks are anything to go by, it’s processor will probably be competitive with at least the entry-level MacBook Pro. Considering what you get, it shouldn’t really be surprising that it costs as much as a MacBook Pro.

Now, one could argue that you don’t really need a MacBook Pro in your pocket, and if you come to that conclusion Apple offers a 128gb iPhone XR for $799.

I’ve used mine twice (on two different phones), both times for a cracked screen.

Frankly, for me the biggest part of its value is giving me the confidence to go caseless on my iPhones.

Agree with @ChrisUpchurch’s point of view.

Also think the price reflects the iPhone’s camera which between hardware+software take photos at semi-pro level.

Yes you can argue that a semi-pro camera costs as much (or much more) but is not everyone that knows how to operate it. With an iPhone XS anyone can manipulate depth of field, shuuter speed, etc with just a push of a button and have amazing photos.

Not sating iPhone’s prices are cheap, but there’s demand apparently :grinning:

PS - and of course price also reflects all the new tech cost that Apple keeps developing

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Yeah it’s a slower ratcheting up of the price, I would be more mad that the 7 goes for like 1/2 that now.

I think we have seen time and again Apple is not a company that wants to do cost effective, cheep devices, they get excited about the new and cutting edge that they can do, the premium market, much more then the budget market, a huge amount of the keynote was here’s this cool thing that you can only do on the Xs

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I just went through the pre-approval process for the Xr since I’m on the iPhone Upgrade Program and just noticed this new Theft and Loss option for AppleCare. It adds about $4/month more. I have a few days to think about it getting it or staying with the regular AppleCare.

Essentially, since I get a new phone every year through the program, I guess it’s really costing me 12 x $4 because I assume if I don’t want it next year, I don’t have to get it.

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