Apple's "Maximum Battery Cycles Count" for MacBook Air?

Anyone have any experience running a MacBook Air past the 1,000 maximum cycle count identified on Apple’s website ( I’m getting into the mid-900s, but would rather not replace my trusty 11 inch MacBook Air quite yet.

According to Battery Health, I’m now down to 83% of original maximum charging capacity and that does seem to be falling more quickly over time. Will this get more noticeable as I go past 1,000 cycles?

So if you chart battery capacity over time, there’s an initial plateau, and the capacity will stay at its original maximum for probably a year or so (presuming daily charging). It will then rapidly drop to about 95% and plateau again, probably again for a year or so.

Unfortunately after this point it’s all steady decline. It might take years for it to get to the point that you have enough degradation to cause serious issues. This pattern happens with all major applications of lithium ion storage, be it phones, laptops, or even electric vehicles.

The lower the max capacity, the lower the actual power provided, too, which is what lead to the iPhone throttling scandal. When starved of power, silicon starts to misbehave. There will be a point where the diminished battery destabilises the device.

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