Apple's RealityOS seems to be a reality

Via MacRumors:

New references to “realityOS,” the AR/VR operating system that will run Apple’s rumored mixed reality headset, have been found in App Store upload logs and Apple open source code this morning.

Well then.

To read way too much into the tea leaves, this is a strange choice of name. I wouldn’t have expected a company so excited about health to take a “let’s reprogram reality” tack.

Still, I’m not cynical about Apple’s foray into AR/VR. I’m actually kinda excited. I wonder what the killer app will be…

Maybe our whole lives will get preferences panes and a menu bar? I’d like to see the options on my one-year-old.


Is this the part where they upgrade Siri to a JARVIS level of usefulness?

One can dream :slightly_smiling_face: