Apple's updated USA street maps

Looks pretty good!


I hope you can turn that off - as it looks like clutter and risks covering up or de-emphasising street names.

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My needs are simpler than that. I want Maps to know where my house is. It thinks I live somewhere with the same house number and street address, but in a town 45 minutes away.

Is the right information in your contact card (I.e. is the address you see when you tap Home in Maps correct?) If it is, but the location is off, can you use Refine Location in Maps to move the marker? (Tap Home in Maps, then swipe the card up to see the Refine Location option.)

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All of that information is current and I have used refine location. The issue is that my house is not quite 2 years old, so houses and streets around my house do not appear on the map. I think that is why the system tried to use the closest equivalent.

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