Applescript to click unsubscribe link in apple mail?

Curious… No idea if this is possible. Could there be a way using applescript to hunt for the unsubscribe links in the mail app and ‘click’ it when it finds it?

Looking for a keyboard shortcut to just click unsubscribe automatically. I do have a smart folder looking for those emails with that word but figured this would be a cool next automated step!

Not necessarily a good idea. I get several spam emails a week asking me to confirm an unsubscribe from sites I’ve never subscribed to. It’s just a trick to see if they’ve hit a live email address.


True - I just mean if I know it is an email I want to unsubscribe from - without having to search for it with a keystroke it would be awesome to do it rather than hunting for where that link is in the email, etc. I would be the deciding factor (and I realize there is a lot of spam with confirming emails as you mentioned). :wink:

I have not seen this happen on macos in my experience…

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