AppleWatch Remote App has "lost" my AppleTVs

I noticed yesterday that both my AppleWatch 7 and my AppleWatch 6 have lost their access to my AppleTVs (one AppleTV is a 2021 4K model, the other one is the “older” 4K model). The AppleTVs are not showing up in the Remote App any longer and cannot be paired again.

My Apple Watches and the AppleTVs have the latest OS updates (8.1 and 15.1.1) installed. All devices are located in the same WiFi network. All devices have been turned off and on again and what not.

I was able to find this thread:

Apparently the issue started showing up with watchOS 8.1.

Has anybody experienced the same issue? Weird.

I have noticed this and think it’s more tvOS (for me at least) - I don’t have the remote apps in settings anymore.

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… and then this happened:

Both AppleTVs reappeared on both Apple Watches in their respective Remote apps a few days ago - and they still are where they should have been a week ago when I started this topic. Without restarts and without OS updates. It smells funny as if there is a Cloud component involved in this connection. Which is … weird? Oh, well, it “just works” again. :thinking: