Application to create Audiobooks?

Hello everyone! Hey, in one of the most recent MPU Episodes Dave & Stephen were talking with a guest (I think TJ) about an application to create Audiobooks out of a bunch of MP3 files, but I just can’t find the link or the name of the app in the show notes of the last several episodes!

Anyone can point me in the right direction please?

Thank you!

I use Audiobook Builder 2 ($4.99)

For years before that I used Audiobook Binder but switched after contacting the dev and him telling me it would be long, hard work to update it to being a 64-bit app. Then, a few months after I switched, he came out with a 64-bit app. :man_shrugging: I really liked the older app, so if the update works as well I can recommend it… especially since it’s free:

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Awesome, thank you @bowline!

FWIW, those are, in fact, the very same two applications which I have used and recommend. has been around forever, and was recently updated for the 64-bit transition. If you had to pick one, that would be my recommendation, just because they’ve been around and I suspect they will be in the future. It’s worth the $5, IMO.

The app they talked about is called “Bound”

Works ok but I think I will also look at some of these other suggestions

Well remembered! Bound is an iOS app that I’ve also used. It can be used to just point at a bunch of MP3s and make them act like an audiobook.

The other apps are macOS apps which create a .m4b file, which is an “actual” audiobook.

Bound is useful if (a) all your independent MP3s are in the cloud and (b) you don’t have access to a Mac, but it’s basically just a cloud reader. (Albeit a nice one that works with Overdrive.) While it does manage multiple audiobook files the Mac apps I linked to create a single physical audiobook file. I create single files of audiobooks I own because they are often broken up into 100+ separate files and dealing with that is an annoying mess - a single audiobook file can actually be around 15% smaller, and those binder apps allow for multiple bookmarks and encoding save options, and then the resulting single file can be used in any audiobook player, Mac or iOS.