Appointment Scheduling Apps

Looking for an app that I can attach to an e-mail or my website that will allow me to schedule appointments with clients. I am seeing and Does anyone have any experience with either of these or are there any other suggestions?

I’ve been using WhenWorks, it’s an iOS app and there are web pages where people can book appointments with you. It works brilliantly for me - though I will note I use it rarely enough that I’m fine on the free plan right now.

Looks good, works and is not expensive.

+1 for Calendly. I don’t do a lot of scheduling, but it takes out all the back and forth and friction. They have a level up from what I use that will text reminders to people, etc.

I’ve been using Calendly as well. Only one appointment type on the free plan, but suits my needs well.

Edit: Just checked out WhenWorks - unlimited event types for free? Wowee! 5 appointments per month should be fine for me. Thanks, @RosemaryOrchard!!

Edit (2): A few initial thoughts re: WhenWorks:

  • UI seems a bit buggy
  • No web UI seems odd
  • No option to constrain appointments to, e.g. a maximum of 4 weeks in the future

I’m a paid user of WhenWorks and it has been great. Lots of my clients, not all of whom are IT savvy, have been impressed with it too.

We run a financial planning practice and use Acuity Scheduling ( for everything! We’ve been using it for about a year now and is perfect for what we need. It has a lot of customization options (custom email/text confirmations to clients, scheduling landing page cutomization, etc.). We tried Calendly, but found Acuity Scheduling way more useful for how we’re using it.