Appreciable small details - iPad and Pencil


A nice little detail if you’re using the iPad and pencil both “naked” without any cases.

When sat on a desk or flat surface, the magnets on the sides of the iPad for the smart covers keep the pencil from rolling away. So keeping the pencil snug up against one of the sides will prevent you from coming back to your iPad with the pencil on the floor somewhere!

Using the 2018 iPad, not sure if the same can be said for the Pros.

Have you any small details that you’ve noticed and really appreciate?!

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I wonder if I should just get a small magnet and put it on my desk just to keep the Apple Pencil from rolling around?

Magnet could work. The pencil is shaped/weighted not to roll. Guess the slope of your work surface plays a role…

I use that part of the iPad Pro to hold my Pencil’s cap when charging on the iPad’s lightning port while it is upright on my TwelveSouth Compass.