Appreciating that Safari on Monterey uses Live Text on Web Images

So today I was just starting to learn SwiftUI, reading this:

I want to read example about HStack, so I hit ⌘+F and search that word. To my surprise, it also include text HStack on screenshot of XCode:

“Woah, this is neat!”, I thought.
But that one is not enough, I need more test! So I try on the previous tab, it is @jsnell’s review of Monterey:

I tried searching for word ‘happy’. To my surprise, it also include two ‘happy’ text in an image with relatively small font:

This one feature is amazing! Kudos to Apple / Monterey / Safari / Live Text team I guess :smiley:


I forget to mention that as expected on how Live Text works, you can also select text with your cursor.


YMMV – selecting the text on the Snell page then copying it:

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