Apps Currently Running on iPad or iPhone

First Six or Eight Apps Currently Running on iPad or iPhone. Excluding Discourse

Context: Lazy Saturday Evening

  1. Drafts
  2. Safari
  3. Chrome
  4. Messages
  5. Amazon Alexa
  6. Devonthink
  7. Things
  8. SCO Members
  1. Kindle
  2. App Store
  3. PhotoPills
  4. Feedly
  5. Goodreads
  6. Infuse
  7. Safari
  8. WA Flowers
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  1. Safari
  2. Spark
  3. Things
  4. HomeKit
  5. MindNode
  6. Messages
  7. PinballArcade
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Upon reading this thread, I have a question. Do you quit your apps when done with them? I leave my paused in the background. I’ve heard differing view points on this.

When I play pinball, I close everything and turn in airplane mode to (hopefully) cut down on background updates. Seems to help some with the game stuttering every once in a while.

Mostly I let iOS manage… My understanding that’s part of its mission statement. …been wrong before.

There is absolutly no need to quit apps in the background, unless they’re acting funny or they are actually draining your battery or internet usage. The iOS operating system is designed to handle this background activity on it’s own. Also, you probably spend more battery hours by using screen time both to quit the apps, and also to launch the app again.

Petterhol, that’s what I figured but I can’t convince my wife of that. :slight_smile: She always quits apps when she is done with them.

  1. Drafts 5 (used to make this list)
  2. Discourse
  3. OmniOutliner
  4. 1Writer
  5. Safari
  6. FileMaker Go
  7. OmniFocus
  8. Pocket
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  1. Todoist
  2. Instagram
  3. News
  4. Messages
  5. Gmail
  6. Slack
  7. Fantastical
  8. Freshdesk
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