Apps Deleted This Week & Apps Retained

Periodic clutter removal… on my iPad. All apps were on my device. Some had been moved to my Little Used folder weeks ago.

  • Bear lost to Ulysses & Drafts
  • ShopShop replaced by OurGroceries edit back to shopshop
  • Edit gone use Drafts
  • PCalc do not need two… Calculator Pro

Bear fine app but no need for three text/markdown apps…

Both ShopShop and OurGroceries allow the building of curated lists. The way we work is to go over a master list and check what’s on today’s list. Do not want a 7001 item data base. Don’t care how much celery cost last week. Perfer items like — meat sale, meat ground, greens… Once lost a curated list on ShopShop (possibly our mistake) hence choosing more feature ridden OurGroceries. Fits us…

Edit a momentary weakness non app store purchase… little used

Calculator Pro retained because I like it simple calculator layout in split screen or floating modes.

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Richard, how often do you perform your “clutter removal”?

On going… I ask the question what have you done for me lately. Off to the little used folder/group if the answer is not much. Then as the mood strikes i go through little used folder and send them on their way,

I also keep apps like the stock iOS mail app there for just in case. Keynote, Pages, … also call little used folder their home.

I try apps frequently Think inundation, if no weeding …

Richard, I’m the same in trying out apps. Been starting to prune recently. I’m trying to limit distractions.