Apps for classical choir practice?

Is anyone a classical choir singer?

I’m looking apps or resources online. I’m only familiar with

But I’m looking for an app. Any suggestion would be well received. Thanks :pray:t2:

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Not sure if it meets your needs but i use Anytune to practice.

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Hello there! I’m an instrumentalist primarily, but I also sing! For reading instrumental music, I primarily use ForScore at this point. This could work beautifully for vocalists as well.

However, since you have use of your hands while performing and won’t need a pedal for page turns, you have a bit more freedom. If you want to use an app that would also work well for note taking, I feel like Goodnotes would be a great choice. I prefer handwriting in Goodnotes over ForScore, but the lack of pedal support is the deal breaker for me.

Other things that I find useful musically, include Modacity (for organizing my practicing), to find music that is in the public domain, the Soundbrenner metronome app, and TE Tuner for tuning.

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Thanks both. I will check out those apps. I still need to buy the notes, Mozart’s Requiem, for choir practice. It would be weird to sit there with an iPad.

But at home I would like to be able to practice more efficiently.

I will use PDF Expert although I haven’t used it with musical scores yet

Further suggestions for the following are appreciated:

  1. An app that lets me import, store and annotate music scores.

  2. An app that helps me to learn music notes.

  3. Ann app where I will be able to hear the specific parts of the choir, e.g. basses or tenors or sopranos separately, and only listen to that part of the entire choir.