Apps not showing in App Library

So this is strange. I have phone set to download new apps to the App Library and not homescreen.

Downloaded some Apple Arcade games. They aren’t on Home Screen , and don’t show up in the recently added group in App Library and I can’t see them in any of the other groups. Have tried a reboot of phone.

Just noticed they are in the a-Z list of apps but not in the folder groups.

I don’t really use the App library. Besides this potential bug, do you find it useful?

There is definitely a delay in the apps showing up and they pop up once you start using the downloaded games.

I occasionally have the same issue and my wife as well with some apps only visible via the A-Z List in the App Library but not the Folders.
I was able to pin them to the homescreen from there, I habe then removed them again to just the App Library and now they show up as expected. Probably some bug in current iOS (no beta)

I do. At this point I only have two screens–the home screen and the app library. I can get to everything nearly instantly. I also use and train the Siri Suggestions widget and I’m finding it very accurate and helpful in surfacing the right apps at the right time based on my habits and training.


Same here. One Home Screen and the App Library. The missing apps have now turned up - clearly there is some sort of delay/bug

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Yep, me too - I’d never go back to trying to curate app folders myself on my phone. Hoping it comes to iPadOS 14.3.

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I was looking forward to App Library but so far it hasn’t helped.
Expected - Apple would categorize apps properly. Not as in the past when word processors and spreadsheets were “productivity” but drawing apps were “entertainment.” A picture paints a thousand words, Apple.
Actual - categorization is pitiful. “Suggestions” shows the Wemo app, a hurricane tracker, a star map and a compass. “Recently added” shows apps that I purchased at the dawn of the app store and haven’t used in a decade. The one thing it did right was put the handful of games I still have installed into the games folder.
It’s long been obvious that the “whackamole” method of dragging apps into folders was a hopeless waste of time. Automated curation is necessary. However, the apps I use for astronomy are now scattered across “Utilities,” “Information & Reading,” “Creativity” and “Education.” Drone flying apps are also in multiple categories. It may be a good start but it’s far from done, and if categorization improves, apps will move to their rightful homes when people have learned to look for them in the wrong places.

I’m afraid I have to agree. Plus the “Suggestions” and “Recently Added” categories are useless.

Wow. My suggestions are currently Zoom, Alexa, Weather Underground and Words with Friends, all of which I use daily. My Recently Added is spot on - but it was showing a few now deleted apps that aren’t compatible with iOS 14.

I’m pretty sure developers (not Apple) do the classification.

Interesting. I know everyone’s mileage will vary on this but it has worked excellently for me. Certain apps show up during the day and/or time of day that I typically use them. Once I taught Siri not to suggest certain apps it has worked well for me.

The one thing I will say in favor of the App Library is that it has let me pare down the number of screens. Like you (I believe) I now have one screen plus the App Library. As I said in my response to @Diane, I don’t find the categorization very useful but I use it mostly in search mode.

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I’m with @jec0047. The App Library is somewhere I can put app icons to get them out of my hair. I almost never look at the library itself. Any app not on my remaining home screens (in either icon or widget form) I access via search.

it’s nighttime & DTTG has replaced Weather Underground in my suggestions. sounds reasonable.