Apps You’ve Rediscovered

I’ve found that most apps I’ve come to love are ones that I tried for a little bit, didn’t find useful or didn’t like and then came back a month or two realizing it was amazing. I figured it would be interesting to hear what apps other people have had a similar experience with.

Probably the biggest example of this was Bear. I tried it about 6 months and decided that markdown support was nice but being free was better. Then, I went to look for something in Notes, couldn’t find and had the eureka moment that tags are awesome. Been a big fan of bear ever since. Alfred’s another one. I tried it briefly, but decided spotlight had everything I needed. Then, I realized I could make shortcuts for running python scripts and decided Alfred was the coolest thing ever. My most recent one is TeaCode. When I originally tried it, I didn’t even know how to use it. I came back to it yesterday and realized that language specific dynamic code snippets is a life saver.

What about you?

I’m getting back into Launch Center Pro. Since I have been using the 12.9” iPad Pro, I have been looking for new options. Decided to give LCP another shot.

I’m an app fiddler. I try lots of apps but particularly text editors focused on note taking and writing. My all time favorite is Ulysses. I’ve written two published books using Scrivener but I think my next one will be written using the current version of Ulysses. I’ve used Bear (but it hasn’t broken through), Drafts (4 & 5) mainly for short text like tweets, meeting notes, and personal notes. All that being said, I’ve tried just about every writing app known to man and I just like the look & feel & function of Ulysses best. I underutilize automation and workflows.


I think this forum is really going to reignite my wanting to rediscover the apps that I’ve once downloaded but haven’t used its full capacity. Currently I’m wanting to revamp and re-set up my Ulysses set up as well as my use of DevonThink Pro. Really looking forward to learning all the tricks of the trade with a refreshed set of eyes and willingness to learn.

DevonThink Pro, Folding Text, SwiftText, and Chrome.

I fiddle with apps a lot. :sunglasses:

Diigo and Workflowy. They are both web apps. Even though I prefer native apps, these two web apps have some features unique to them which I’ve yet to find replacements. Diigo is essential for annotating and taking notes about online articles, and Workflowy is an ever-expanding outline for me to flesh out ideas.

Hi! I use to use LaunchCenterPro and liked it. I got a new iPad mini and I was going to download it but it has very bad reviews and says it hasn’t been revised in years. You’re still happy with it and haven’t run into any problems?