April 2020 Sales and Hardware/Software Deals

The iOS version of role-playing game Stardew Valley is on sale at US$4.99 (regularly US$7.99)



iAnnotate 4 is 80% off for a few days. Now at $2

iPhone/iPad wavetable synth SynthMaster One is temporarily free, down from $2.99 (there’s still an IAP unlock for additional preset sounds)

iAnnotate 4 now $1.99 (80%-off) until April 5th:

For the time being Udemy is offering 150 free online video classes. Click to add any in your (freely created) account, and they’ll always be available to you even if the prices go up.


Rogue Amoeba, makers of useful macOS audio apps like Loopback, SoundSource, Fission, Airfoil and Audio Hijack (I own the last four), rarely offer discounts. This month only, however, they’re offering the a 20% discount across their entire product line with coupon code PTE20


Might be time to add them to the App stable

Nice!!! Just checked and the coupon also works on their bundle so you’re saving 50 on the bundle alone and then
you get another 20% off. It’s a given that i’m buying now.

Depends on what you need. The one app of theirs I have on all the time is the extension/menubar app SoundSource, which I use for EQing my iMac’s external speakers. You have have global settings and per-app settings. (I have my browsers set to a custom Spoken Word EW, Apple Music set to R&B, etc).


I plan to start podcasting and doing more music stuff at home so i’m keen on A.Hijack and Ferrago for sure and Loopback should come in handy as well. Soundsource isn’t in their bundle but i’ve got the demo on my computer and even in limited trial mode I see it’s WAY better than native tools. I’m think i’m all in.

Sadly i’ve known and trusted Rogue Amoeba for years yet never cashed out for their apps. I’m part of the problem. The time is right now to grab the tools.

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Fugue Machine is a fantastic new take on a Midi sequencer. It’s easy to create interested rhythmic sounds. 50% off.


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Pretty impressed by Airfoil!

Audio on AirPlay speakers on two different floors (and an additional Bluetooth speaker) all in sync.

I’m not sure yet whether I have a use case for that…

Discount is the entire month?

I use AirFoil to send audio from my Mac to my HomePod(s). Mostly I’m cooking or wherever and I want to hear the audio from a YouTube video, otherwise I want to cast from one of my Mac radio apps (Home Radio, Zapping Radio, Radium [if that still works[) for radio stations that Apple Music/Siri don’t get.

I also (rarely) use free iOS complement AirFoil Satellite to cast from my iPhone to my iMac’s external speakers.

I really don’t know. It could be, or it might be April 5th (though I might be thinking of some other deal with that date). Sorry.

Just reached out to RA support. He didn’t confirm an end date but after some basic searches they’re running the promo on Six Colors, Pro Tools Experience (hence the PTE) and Daring Fireball amongst others.

Screen Shot 2020-04-02 at 2.42.26 PM

I think i’ll be safe for another week and PTE specifically says this month.

Yes, I first learned about it a week ago on pro-tools-expert, but the deal didn’t go live until yesterday.

Best Buy has 12T (and 10T) drives for US$179, that’s $100 off.

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Looks like I missed it. That’s a sweet deal

Someone should make a camelcamelcamel for other retailers, like BestBuy.

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Looking to learn something new, or polish your skills?

Manning Publications has a 50% off sale of e-books until the end of May, and physical books (pbooks) are 35% off with free shipping. Code ship35.

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You can set up a store alert or custom product alert at Sickdeals.


Time to go stock up the wish list.

Speaking of websites like CamelCamelCamel. I’ve done Shoptagr and Honey and both feel useless. The only thing Shoptagr has done is filled my email inbox with enticements to crap I don’t want and Honey hasn’t done a damn thing either.

On the other hand CamelCamelCamel stays silent until it’s time to tell me that the stuff I actually want has hit my threshold.


Wow I bought these 10 Star Trek movies for a deal months back for 25 bucks but this is best deal they’ve had on them. 20 bucks for all 10 movies for Trekkies to rejoice in.

Best Buy has 4K Steel Case movies for 10 bucks today most with digital copies.

I picked up The Good Dinosaur and the live action The Lion King for a song.

Some of y’all not slaves to your young children might like the Iron Man series also on sale.