Aqara Smart Switches

Anyone have thoughts on the Aqara Smart Switches? Thus far I have put nothing but Lutron Caseta switches in my house, but will next be installing smart switches in my garage. I will continue to use Lutron Caseta anyplace I need dimmer or fan switches, but just need basic on/off smart switches in the garage and the Aqara switches are cheaper. Since I already have an Aqara hub seems worth considering.

I have one and it works really well, switching without fail via the Home app, but also the reliability of a manual switch is lovely.
So nice I’d consider getting more if I wasn’t trying to cut down my spending.

I use Wemo switches everywhere, except one place where I have Aqara switch. I had one switch that I wanted to automate that didn’t have the neutral wire, just the switch legs. Most of the smart switches don’t support that but Aqara has one model that does — and since I already had an Aqara hub for the several other Aqara devices that I have it was an obvious choice. It works just fine. I don;t physically turn it on and off much since it is controlled by an Aqara motion sensor through HomeKit :slight_smile:

I have Lutron Caseta switches all over my house. I recently installed an Aqara switch. The functionality is rock solid, but I have to admit it feels a little cheaper than the Caseta switches. There is absolutely nothing wrong with it. It just doesn’t “feel” as nice. Could be perfect for a garage.

That is kind of my thought. I need 4 of them for the garage and can get them for the cost of 2 Lutron Caseta switches. My plan is to have them turn on via a motion sensor but need to have. it work like a switch for my wife who tolerates but rolls her eyes at my love of automation.

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