Aqara water sensors

Hi everyone,

For anybody who has used the Aqara water sensors (or maybe any other Aqara sensors), I have a question.

I ordered and today received the M2 hub and multiple water sensors. I set up the hub (not super easy), and I finally connected a water sensor (much less easy, especially since the instructions are not accurate, but I finally stumbled into a connection).

Here’s my question: When the water sensor is within 0-20 or so feet of the M2 hub, the sensor works great. When the sensor is in my basement, which is thick with Wi-Fi, the sensor does nothing at all.

Did I miss some fine print somewhere? Are the sensors only Bluetooth enabled?

Thanks for any feedback!

Looks like that device uses Zigbee, rather than WiFi.
Since the hub is WiFi, can you put it in the basement nearer to the water sensor?

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Thanks for replying! I was planning to use several water sensors in different locations, so after some more research, I guess I’ll have to spend more money to create a network of Zigbee repeaters. But if that’s the case, I’ll just return these and try something non-Zigbee.

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Probably the best bet, unless the sensors are all close enough together that they can create a mesh.

The sensors (and all Aqara stuff) uses Zigbee.

If you want to set up a Zigbee mesh you can add a powered Aqara device (f.e. a smart plug) somewhere halfway between the hub and the sensor. That way the plug will relay the signal to and from the hub and sensor.

My experience is that after about 6-8 meters / yards or so the signal drops quickly, especially if there are obstacles like walls or windows, and I need to put in a powered device to get a better signal. (thanks again for that suggestion @RosemaryOrchard !)

You can get the plugs very cheap on AliExpress


Thanks for your input!