Arc browser users - what do y'all do for bookmarks?

The more I play with it, the more I really like Arc. But from what I can tell, there’s not a good way to bookmark a page in the conventional sense.

I know I could toss them in a different space, but when I stop/start the browser every tab in every space seems to load - so it’s a bad solution for managing a lot of bookmarks.

And I’d really prefer to not have to use a cloud service for all of this stuff.

Any thoughts? Or even better, something incredibly obvious that I’m missing? :slight_smile:

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Safari. :slightly_smiling_face: I tried Arc but it was just too awkward to use compared to Safari.

I am finding I use Arc more and more, and I agree the more I use it the more I like it.
I am storing my bookmarks in two ways at the moment.

  1. I use Anybox to try and keep some sort of control and organisation. I have far too many bookmarks in Safari that I never visit - so I am trying to be more organised.
  2. In Arc I tend to use the method described in this video. from Arc Arc | Pinned Tabs vs. Bookmarks - YouTube I drag the sites I want to bookmark into a folder “above” the line.

I am finding my browser usage is changing. Because I use spaces I try to keep bookmark relevants the space subject ( I really like the idea of spaces). I like the above-the-line / below-the-line tabs. I am also finding the notes and easel useful.

It could do with a design refresh - it doesn’t feel quite right yet, but overall, and considering it is still in beta, I think it is great.



I also use Anybox but it only works on Apple ecology. I am trying to use a bookmark service that works across Linux, Windows, Mac, iOS and Android. Upnote web clipper helps a bit on this

I do the same, for sites that I regularly visit (including this forum), I drag them to above the line or even in the pinned area

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How do you like it? Is it a really awesome app, or is it a “meh, I guess it works” sort of thing?

Anybox has a chromium extension, but as you say it is only Apple. I have no idea of any cross platform bookmarks services - so I cant help you

Those favourite squares are useful.


I find it really useful, it can hold more than bookmarks, it is more like a shoebox that you can tag and categorise photos, documents etc. I don’t really use it for that - but as a bookmark manager I use it a lot. It has a clean looking interface, and I find it easy to use, so I am happy. It is the only way I have used to keep bookmarks that I regularly use. Browsers tend to fill up and be ignored, site like delicious (remember that ) just never clicked, and other bookmarking apps were never that great for me.

I am using it on a monthly sub at the moment. I think it is costing 79p per month, so it is not going to break the bank.

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Also - I keep forgetting I have upnote. It is so great, but it doesn’t seem to fit into the way I work!!

For me, bookmarks are shaping up to be a few different things:

  • Favorited tab (the squares at the very top of a space.) These are mostly web apps and easels
  • Pinned tabs in folders–things I don’t want to open every day but want to keep close. I’ll have to investigate resource use more closely as the number of these grows.
  • Ad hoc pinned tabs (cmd+d to quickly pin/unpin.) These eventually disappear when I stop needing them and unpin them for the last time.
  • Easels with useful fragments of sites that can be clicked on. Maintaining these is creative, and I love how scannable they make sites I used to have to browse individually. But they take more time to make than a folder of favorites so I don’t use them for everything.
  • cmd+t search of archived tabs. Works for anything I only had bookmarked so I wouldn’t lose it. I used to search in Alfred for these kinds of bookmarks.

This might sound like a lot but it’s all naturally flowing depending on what I actually want the bookmarked link to do for me. I’m mostly through moving links from one space to the other, or finding out an app won’t play well with easels.

The tricky parts I’m still finding are:

  • Sometimes it seems like I’m changing where a pinned tab points by browsing it, other times not.
  • Easels are buggy sometimes and they need a refresh all sites button.

Agreed that Arc isn’t making it easy to maintain a directory of old school bookmarks. I think you’re correct that it’s nudging you towards a cloud service if you want to maintain one, just like how they’d clearly rather you favorite your Pocket or Readwise tab rather than build an in-house read-it-later service.


I am just waiting for the pricing.

There is another similar product call Sigma OS which looks like it is $8 per month.

I recall a blog / vlog where they said it would be free for personal use but wanted to charge corporate clients.

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Second this! I’ve been using it for about 2 years now. It’s great as it can cache the last working version of any broken links!

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Arc easels sound intriguing. I often need to be able to refer back to specific part of various web pages for a given project.

Are these stored locally in some way, so if the source changes the easel doesn’t?

And is it easy to go from the saved section to the original if I want to?

For each fragment, you can choose between a snapshot stored locally that never updates, and one that stays updated in real-time (a little buggy.) You can always click on the fragment to visit the page. Fragment might be the wrong term.

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Ha, I had completely forgotton about this - I even had it installed.

Now I feell a right idiot :slight_smile:

I might go back and retry it - although I do remeber thinking I prefered Anybox. But then again a requirment for membership on this site is why stick to one app, when there are thousands of others to try.



Also, Raindrop syncs your bookmarks to their cloud. Anybox stores data in iCloud. Just in case that matters at all to you from a privacy standpoint.


I gave up on bookmarks before I switched to Arc. There’s a few pinned tabs I keep around, and that’s it.

I discovered more than half my bookmarked URLs were no longer online or broken, and I couldn’t remember the last time I actually dug through a bookmarks folder. My memory isn’t good enough to remember I bookmarked a particular site for something.

I save URLs in my notes, which adds more context so they’re easier to resurface and more useful. I save articles to PDF.

Frequently-visited sites are either pinned or pop up immediately in autocomplete. Helps me browse with more intention.

Not bookmark related, but the new peek view for links embedded in pages is really useful :slight_smile:


I still use pinboard for exactly the broken-link problem. For not a lot of money a year, I have a good excellent chance of having an archived version.

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I use Goodlinks as a bookmarks library. Frequently used bookmarks get launched from Alfred. If I want a link to open in a specific browser all the time a setup a rule in OpenIn.

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