Are any Families using Cozi

So many of us are faced with being locked up with our immediate families, I thought it would be a good time to get everyone on the same page. I have two daughters 17 & 19 and my wife most of which are not that computer savvy sans Netflix, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

I am trying to set the girls with some online learning/training while having a central location that we all can plan and schedule our lives for visibility to all concerned.

I did set up Trello pages for all of them so that handles the task management. Trello has to be one of the easiest programs to use.

In my researching, I stumbled on a piece of Family software called COZI that seems to have rave reviews and they been around since 2005.

Has anyone had any experience with this software or any other suggestions for handling Family scheduling/organization? This software seems to replace a couple of separate pieces of software. I like the concept of a shared grocery list.

Lastly, any cures for being contained with two teenage girls? :crazy_face:

Ok one of the most difficult tasks to MPU users is getting the Non-tech family onboard aka spouse and children. While spouses are not engage for the most part at all, children are wrapped up in the latest trending software which is currently Tik-Tok.

Since this first post, I have been successful in onboarding the family using Cozi where as I put a list of responsibilities for each member (ToDo’s) Family Calendar and a shared shopping lists such as grocery and drugstore lists.

I am happy with my success. Every Sunday we have a quick weeks planning meeting to plan the upcoming week. It is during that time that I look at Trello and then assign upcoming Trello tasks during the week.

I see little value in the paid subscription except for eliminating ads and the ability to have multiple reminders which I see as unnecessary.

It’s ease of use should make it easy to get all on board. Everything that I tried previously presented too a high of a hurdle to stick.

As far as the online learning goes I got the girls doing classes in Kahn Academy. It is also free and good for all ages
Khan Academy

Lastly, I have been able to set up family sharing on all Apple devices to get better ROI on all the software that I have invested in such as note apps for the kids to use in school.

I hope some of the info helps to get one’s family onboard and running more effectively.

BTW there is a NO DEVICES rule at family dinners. Somethings need to remain sacred.

Looks interesting. What’s the price of subscription? I couldn’t find that information on their website, and I’m don’t normally bother trying software if they’re not up-front about the cost.

@funkydan2 Pricing is buried in App Store description $29.99/yr but like I stated I opt to keep ads and not need the additional functionality of multiple reminders so opt for the Ad subsidized model to pay the developer