Are magsafe mounts in cars actually able to hold the phone safely?

I’m looking at car mounts for my phone, since it’s just bouncing around in a tray that it doesn’t quite fit in right now.

My two options as I see them are:

  1. A cabled ProClip mount
    Expensive, but extremely safe. Extra expensive, since I would have to replace the phone-compatible part of it this fall, since I have a Mini and I’m going to upgrade to a Pro.
  2. A MagSafe charger mount combined with a wireless CarPlay adapter
    More expensive right now, but I would never* have to change any parts, and I wouldn’t have to actually get my phone out of my pocket when I get into the car unless I needed to charge it

But I’m not quite satisfied that MagSafe is able to hold onto the phone safely enough.
Can anyone - preferably someone who drives as bad as me - calm me down?

Additionally, any recommended mounts would be great.

*: Hah!

I use a magsafe charger mounted on a 3d printed stud. Never pops off due to road conditions and is much better than having to navigate the connector especially when driving.


I never even considered 3d-printing something… That would make it even cheaper…

Thanks for the confirmation!

I have the Belkin MagSafe mount. I drive fairly enthusiastically and the phone only popped off once on a really bad pothole (the kind that makes you check your tire right away.) It’s a solid connection.


I’ll second the Belkin MagSafe mount. It’s been great for me and I have had no popping-off issues.

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I have the Belkin MagSafe in my truck, used it for over a year now and have never had the phone pop off.

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I use the Benks version and I am really pleased with it. The phone has not fallen off, it charges, has a small footprint and is really easy to use

Yep. This one is $19 and holds my iPhone 13 Pro (in a Nudient magsafe case) flawlessly. I’m in the country, driving a 4wd cheap Jeep on country roads. Has never failed.


I will second this recommendation. I bought two, and both hold my iPhone 13 Pro securely with the Spigen MagSafe slim case. It really needs a MagSafe case, tho. My wife’s iPhone 13 Mini will not be held in a slim TPU case without MagSafe.

I’ve been using a vent mount MagSafe charger/mount since December or January, and it’s never fallen off. I haven’t gone off-roading, but have hit the occasional pothole with no issue. One of my favorite purchases in the last several months. This is the model, although I’m not sure if I got the one with the charger included:

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I also use the ESR holder but not the one that charges the device. I have wired CarPlay. The ESR holder is great. Last week, bought a second one for the other car.

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I choose not to permanently alter or glue things to my cars. After trying a few clip vent mount options which failed miserably I ended up creating a Frankenstein kit out of 2 sets. I was never happy enough with how vent mounts work loose over time when they rely on grip strength alone. I find the vent starts to flap about and the the whole thing falls off.

To solve this I’ve used a brilliant vent mounting grip which has a hooked bar that locks around the back of the vent slat and screws down into place tightening up as you twist. It is ROCK-SOLID (but the head had no charge capability):

Miracase Car Phone Holder, Universal Magnetic Mobile Phone Mount [Vent Clip&Strong Magnet] Hands Free Kits Compatible with iPhone 13/12/SE 2020/11/xr/xs/x/8/7,Samsung, Huawei ect.

I then bought a cheap MagSafe charger kit - threw away the mount and clipped the charge head onto the better mounting body as they both use a compatible ball and socket systems.

Deal: 15W Wireless Car Charger, Fast Charging, Compatible With Magsafe Car Mount, Magnetic/Magnet Fast Charging Compatible With iPhone 13/ iPhone 12/12 Mini/12 Pro/12 Pro Max

I have never had the mount or the MagSafe connection to it fail- iPhone 12 Pro Max in the leather Apple case so it’s a fair weight it’s holding.

I use an Apple MagSafe charger that I have attached to a CD player Mount in my car.I have an Iphone 12 Pro Max with the Apple leather MagSafe case.

No problems at all! Never falls off, and charges flawlessly. My CD holder at first had a magnetic Mount, which interfered with the MagSafe for charging. Once I removed the magnets and attached the MagSafe charger with industrial vel cro, no issues at all.

I didn’t buy a new Magsafe mount, instead I’m still using the current one but added a ring magnet to my mount. So it’s still secure since it has clamp but I can just easily place my phone and it will snap into place.

It’s called SnapHold and I bought a couple of this so I can just mount my phone anywhere in the house.

PS. I still have to connect my iPhone to a lightning cable for CarPlay to work so getting a full Magsafe mount will be useless.

Following this. I am in the market for a new car. Interesting, that current cars still expect you to glue/stick something to the dash or elsewhere to have your phone within eyesight/reach.

If you already have a printer or access to one. Otherwise it becomes a new and expensive hobby :slight_smile:

Very true!
Happily, most mid-sized cities now have makerspaces available, and even those who don’t have “those guys” who’ll be happy to help you out :slight_smile:

I’m very lucky, we have two 3d-printers at work, and we also co-sponsor a makerspace with something like six.

However, I ended up just ordering the Spigen OneTap Pro - that way I’ll be able to take it with me if I change cars.

Same here (same model). Absolutely recommended. I cannot imagine using anything else than Magsafe car mounts in the future.

If you go on YouTube there are a lot of MagSafe car phone holders on there. I can’t stop watching them.

I use a Mous case and their magsafe suction mount. It works great and switches between vehicles. It’s pricey, but it was on sale at the time of purchase. They also have one that does not have charging.