Are there any apps you're happy to pay (or you'd pay *extra*) for?

I know this is a crazy idea, but…

We complain a lot about subscription models and rising prices. And there’s lots of software that doesn’t hit that value “sweet spot”.

But I also know we all have some apps that we absolutely love, and some where we get enough value that we might even be perfectly fine with some sort of a price hike.

For me, that list probably includes Overcast. Are there any apps you feel that way about?

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It’s made my report writing so much more detailed and efficient. I don’t know what I would do without it.


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CardHop because it helps me manage my contacts using groups much more effectively than the stock apps.

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I will have to go with Ulysses, Alfred, and Pixelmator Pro.

  • Evernote and Filterize
  • Obsidian is starting to make the list
  • Drafts
  • Apollo

Drafts. It’s my text inbox for everything and it’s what, $20 a year?

If the DEVONThink mobile app is good, I will gladly pay for that as well. Assuming it’s reasonably priced.


I think it’s going to $30/year for new subscribers soon (if it hasn’t already).

As long as your $20/year subscription is active, you can keep that price.

  1. Drafts 2. DEVONthink 3. Omnifocus 4. OmniOutlinner 5. Alfred
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Scrivener. I’d pay anything they asked.


Was about to say the same thing. Nothing compares to it and it’s still a onetime purchase.

I would also add Obsidian (currently happily paying for sync).

  • Emacs
  • Org
  • Homebrew
  • Texpad
  • Obsidian
  • Curio
  • R
  • Karabiner-Elements
  • Keyboard Maestro
  • TextMate
  • PDF Expert
  • DEVONthink to Go when improved
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Is TextMate still a current-ish thing? I remember there was a weird kerfuffle when they were moving to 2.0, and I stopped tracking it.

Drafts, as I use it constantly. Also, I find Basecamp indispensable for managing teams of people and cannot believe it’s free for educators. Such a good quality application that saves me a lot of email and other noise.

I think the dev went through a rough patch, not sure.
Website has a blog post from May. They aren’t accepting money at the moment. Still works fine for me. It’s kind of my go to editor for a lot of things (multiple cursors, macros, and familiarity).
I check to see if I can register it every six months or so.

I certainly never thought about it but the following would hit that list

  • things
  • Feedbin
  • Castro
  • Newton (almost in that list)

There are too many for me to think of anything like a complete list, but one that stands out is Blink Shell for iPad. It makes working on remote servers from my iPad an absolute joy. I’d happily pay for it again.

I pay for services like Apple Music, TripIt Pro, and Mobile Passport. And I regularly pay for upgrades to apps like BBEdit, Hazel, Downie, and Permute. But I have no need for any subscription apps so far. For example, the free version of Drafts and Instapaper are all I need.

But I like to thank developers for their work. Since the days of shareware I’ve been occasionally “tipping” developers, sometimes though a “Tip Jar” included in an app like Pedometer ++. And sometimes by subscribing to an app for 2 or 3 months a year.

And if I ever find myself needing the premium features of say, Drafts or Instapaper I’ll subscribe full time.

  • Carbonfin’s Outliner
  • Paste 2
  • Vim (since Emacs mentioned, I decided to include this too :slight_smile:)
  • Emacs

Overcast and Drafts, and unfortunately that’s about it.

  • Reeder (with Feedly Pro)
  • (offline maps for hiking)
  • 1password (non subscription version)