Are there any discount codes for DEVONthink 3?

Does anyone have access to a DEVONthink 3 discount code? I would like to try using the application but right now I can’t justify paying full price, especially as a beginner.

They’re currently running 20% off with their Yoink promotion.

However, they have a very generous trial that allows you to run the app for “30 days, or 150 hours, whichever is later”. So if you only used it for say 2 hours a day, you could continue to use it for 75 days. It’s not a traditional time limit.

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Is this trial Yoink, DEVONthink 3 or any of their software?

The link above explains it pretty well. Seems it’s just Yoink or DEVONthink that are on sale. Another option to consider is to start the trial now but wait to buy it (if you like it) until the summer. Usually in mid-June is when the “SummerFest” promotion begins. For the past several years they’ve offered DEVONthink at 25% off during for this promotion (which includes many other great apps as well). Can’t promise it will happen again, of course, but I’d guess so! A final option is to take advantage of their year-round academic discount, if that applies to you. You can find details about this on their website.

Used to be a discount for Tidbits subscribers.

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It’s still listed in the Benefits page.

DEVONtechnologies | Welcome, MacSparky Readers Is what I used.