Are there any VYPRVPN users here?

I’ve been using for several years now, before the name changed. For the most part, it’s been ok. Many times the vpn will not come up on my iPhone, the vpn entry under Settings- VPN gets deleted and has to be reinstalled. I don’t know why this is, but it’s been an irritant for over a year. I was referred to Vyprvpn by an ex-Apple employee, so I’m thinking about giving it a spin. I’d like to hear from any of you that have used it or are still using it.


I use VyprVPN on iOS and macOS and it works well. I used to use Private Internet Access but it had issues on my iPad regularly. VyprVPN does not.

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I use it everyday on Mac and iOS and never have a problem. The application auto-connects on non-trusted networks and the connection is always fast.

I’ve read that the only downside is they cut you off if they receive complaints from copyright authorities (i.e. sharing/torrenting illegal files). I only use it for working privately so have never had an issue in years of use.

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Yes they are very good.

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Thanks. I don’t plan on sharin illegal files, I just want to protect myself when I’m on public WiFi. BTW, If you’re using a good VPN, then they shouldn’t be able to trace your packets to find out that your sharing illegal files.

Ore and more places I got to prevent the use of VPNs. I’m not sure how they do that though. Perhaps that’s just my flaky client not working, again.

VyprVPN is not the best rated for security or privacy. Check out NordVPN or Private Internet Access instead. This a good VPN review site : VPN site

Interesting to see that VYPR VPN offers auto-connection based on a trusted network concept.
I struggle to find information on which providers offer this (e.g. does).
I’m currently using ProtonVPN which is superb, but the iOS app doesn’t offer the auto-connection in its VPN profile.

I use , but I’m also evaluating NordVPN and VyprVPN too. I have too many problems with the iOS app for Both of the other two vpns have a significant loss of bandwidth, where does not.

I recently read some disturbing news about many vpns though. I don’t know how accurate this is, but it makes one wonder “which vpns are really safe?”

They have changed the policies since those reviews. See the attached image!image

Sorry. Still keeping logs according to [2018 review]( and 2018 review#2

This week Vypr VPN claims they no longer keep logs as of latest policy revision dated 11/26/18 Vypr privacy policy but I personally would go with a company with a longer track record of keeping customer data private. …but that’s just me.

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