Are You A Single Location or Multi-Location User?

Hey MPU,

Random thought today if anyone has 1 setup for everything or multiple setup.

I currently have a 1 setup location…what that means for me…

  • MacBook Pro is in clamshell mode hiding behind the monitor
  • Listen to music
  • Record audio and have my video conference calls
  • Gaming
  • Netflix
  • Doing work that can’t be done on the iPad due to complexity of project or higher efficiency on the computer and big screen.

I have toyed with the idea of multiple location setups…put my gaming stuff in a room, put the recording stuff in a room, etc.

Curious to hear and see what everyone does!!


My work area is in a room surrounded by gardens on three sides. The desk, HPZ27 monitor, keyboard, speakers, Windows laptop, lives there and never move. My personal area is in a different part of the house. In the personal area, I work in a comfortable chair with a Pilot LapDesk, which unfortunately seems to have vanished from the market.

I carry a MacBook and iPad from one area to the other. In the morning, I rise early, study Talmud for an hour or so, then later I pack up the MacBook, then “go to the office” in the garden room. Nine or ten hours later, I “go home” to the other side of the house and do personal work or research.

I like this division of personal space / work space. Now that I no longer need to work in an office complex an hour away, I can still divide my psychic work / no-work time physically.


@anon41602260, that sounds awesome.

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For years I did most of my work at one desk on one machine (first a Mac Pro, now an iMac), but then got an iPad Pro to mix it up and allow for certain work to be done “on the go” or out of the house. Then about a year ago I picked up a 2015 13" MBP to expand my mobile work ability (a lot of my work can’t be done effectively/efficiently on the iPad).

I wasn’t using the MBP much until I got a dog. Now, the dog (who controls me) sometimes doesn’t like when I’m at my desk because she wants to lay with me so I have been using the MBP for some portion of the day either in bed or sitting on the floor with her…

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One location set-up basically. With a charging station in a separate room.

Of course, when I travel to my office, I keep a “traveling office” with me. Laptop plus iPad pro as a second screen using YAM display.

So I have ended up needing to do this since remote working began for me in March. I use my laptop stand, monitor and USB-C dock with my MacBook normally, but I now also use these three items by day with my work Dell laptop and they work fine. Even the MacBook charger does a fine job powering the Dell! I do use a separate keyboard and mouse (wireless) for each machine though. Sometimes I connect the MacBook to my TV with another HDMI dongle and use it there when the Dell’s on the desk. It all works pretty well! Even so, it’s my 12.9 iPad Pro that gets the most entertainment usage.

Mostly I’m a one-location person. I should probably move around the house - but that would involve dragging two StreamDeck with m MBP… :slight_smile:

Also I have an iPad Pro that moves around a fair bit - but little ‘core’ work gets done on it.

And, outside of Covid-19 times I hit the road - which is a whole different ball game.

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How do you like YAM… Benefits over Sidecar or even Duet and Luna?? I am looking for a 2nd monitor setup as well. Thanks

I was unable to use Sidecar, much to my disappointment and frustration because even though my laptop was still “relatively new” and could run the most current OS, Apple deemed it too old. So… No sidecar on the laptop side of the equation. I tested Duet and YAM. I wanted to favor Duet and found myself getting better results from YAM. Did not try Luna.

I have a 3 location setups. I have my office. Home office. And now at my parents. I stay with them a few days out of the week to get help with our 5 year old.


The bed and dolly is a total #WIN

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What? You don’t have one?

A bed and dolly at my workspace?
During COVID? Yes.
During non-pandemic seasons? Such is my dream… Such is my dream.

Ha ha. Or what if…