Are you able to sign in to the beta site?

Anyone else see this?

Which beta site do you mean?
I get the error once I click “sign in”

Probably a bit busy at the moment and that’s why it is throwing the error

Definitely busy, finally got in and able to download the iPadOS beta… fingers crossed I made the right choice to install this early

I was able to download the iOS bets on an old device. I’m a bit hesitant on putting it on my main device this time. I’m holding off for now on the iPad beta.

I’ve been playing with it since last night (admittedly in limited fashion — I haven’t even played with the multitasking features yet). So far no major issues. The worst glitch I’ve seen is a pop-up keyboard for entering passwords not always fitting correctly, and that’s been solved by changing orientation then changing back.

I downloaded and installed iPadOS beta without any issue :smile:

I installed on my iPad Air 2 which is an extra that I use minimally. No way I’d put it on my iPad Pro as that get’s used everyday as my primary computer.

It’s fun and buggy. A fun buggy. An adventure. Lots of tossing around like riding down a dirt road with no roof. Bugs but did I mention, fun?

Mouse support is interesting and works pretty well. But it causes strange behavior if using an external hardware keyboard. Will be handy when using iPad up on a stand at eye level. I kept forgetting and reached up to the screen a lot. Lol.

Lots of crashing generally. But hey, I knew that when I installed so all good. For me the point is to learn it. Seeing the feature list on the website and actually using it are two different things!

My favorite things thus far… the new multi-tasking slideover is going to be VERY useful. The improved Files app! I’m pretty sure I’ll get more use from widgets now that they can be on the home screen. The design of the Photos app definitely makes for better enjoyment of photos.

Anyone know if it will run on an iPad mini 2? :blush:

It won’t. The earliest Mini that will run it is the 4.

Butter. But thanks anyway :blush: