Are you using Craft as a website

Hi everyone, I’m considering using craft as a website, but I’ve only seen a couple of examples of people doing this and I’d love to see a few more examples just to check if it works for me, or not.

So … if you do use craft to power a website, would you mind sharing?

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Do you mean Craft CMS?

No … that’s a new one to me! I meant

I’m very curious about this as well. With the 50% discount I’m looking at craft as a quick website to share things with various people. Seems like it could be a handy piece of work.

That’s my favorite CMS!

Expressionengine user mainly but have used Craft and Statamic a few times as well.

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Notion offers the ability to turn any “page” into a public URL even on the free plan

Sure. This is meant for internal consumption at my workplace so the content won’t mean much to you, but it should serve to give you an idea of the “look and feel” of a Craft website to present a lot of material.


There’s another MPU member that linked his photography site published using Craft. It made me think of transferring my portfolio and blog to Craft instead of paying for Squarespace. They’ve raised their prices this year and its getting difficult to justify the cost just for my personal blog and folio.

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I’ve been considering the same thing but is a Craft “blog” discoverable in the same way as Squarespace? Also, I have a signup to subscribe configured in Squarespace, I doubt this is possible with a Craft blog.


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Craft CMS is far and away the best CMS on the market imo. Once again, @cornchip, you prove yourself to be a wise scholar and a true Good Citizen of the internet. (How is it I so often vociferously agree with you?)

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If you plan on getting subscribers, you shouldn’t move your blog to something like Craft. I’m only planning on doing this because my blog is an extension of my portfolio where a prospective client or employer can get an idea of how I think and what I value as a designer. I don’t have readers to consider except the people I share my link with.

I’m still keeping my two other projects on Squarespace, as I needed them to be discoverable and require a large audience. Craft functions as a kind of private repository of information that can be published on the web. I think it will serve my personal website better.

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That’s what I was assuming, thanks.

I used Craft to create a landing page or online CV that replaces something like Linktree:

Craft made it so easy! I’m now looking for other uses cases for simple web sites. The only thing on my wish list is more than one custom domain on the Business Plan (e.g. for separate spaces).