Arlo HomeKit Cameras

Does anyone have experience with the Arlo HomeKit Outdoor cameras? I’ve been doing a little research and they seem alright. I would love to hear from anyone using them.

Well, I was very much disappointed to find this out.

I saw that, but I’m willing to overlook that detail since I don’t really see any doorbells that’s support it.

We have 4 Dropcam/Nest cameras and 1 Arlo. I strongly prefer the Nest over Arlo. Biggest issue with Arlo especially when using outdoors was the lag between “seeing” say a person and having the recording kick in. I much prefer the Nest app over Arlo’s. Not even a close call in my view. I am sure the Nest is more expensive. If $ are not an issue, my preference is for Nest. To be clear, we purchased the Arlo camera about 2 years ago, so perhaps they have improved. But for my $, we will be all Nest going forward.

You also have to be willing to give Google a lot of trust. That I’m not willing to give them.

Did you pay for Arlos continuous recording service? It’s an add on to their normal plans. I had a whole Nest security system and liked it, but wanted to get away from Google.

I don’t think I’ve tried anything that matches Nest in terms of speed of notifications.

The article says Eufy is HomeKit compatible but when I go on their website there is nothing mentioned about HomeKit support for anything other than the Cam 2s. I was hoping more of their products would be HomeKit compatible because I really like their door lock and the fact everything is done without a subscription and remains local.

Take a look at this one then.
Also, this seems interesting.

I have a couple of Arlo baby cams. I frequently get ‘No response’ or ‘in use somewhere else’ in the Home App as well as Google Assistant. Have issues streaming even in the Arlo app (sometimes, but enough that I want to ditch the system).

I bought one of the Eufy pan and tilt to try out with HomeKit. But haven’t connected to HomeKit yet.

@Ben_Wah We pay for the 10 day continuous recording for Nest and love it. When we purchased the Arlo, I don’t recall that being an option, but perhaps I missed it or it is now possible. That could indeed make a big difference in improving the performance of Arlo as presumably would eliminate the lag.

I feel like it’s newer.

I’ve had the Arlo ultra 4K for over a year and it’s alright. Not sure I would buy again. The software is buggy and the support is pretty much non-existent. Also, the Arlo ultra isn’t a HomeKit Secure Video Camera if that matters to you. There were problems selecting the different side-angle options and activity zones weren’t reliable. The battery life didn’t live up to the advertised claims either. I didn’t renew the service after the first year and I get a giant promo to subscribe every time I try viewing my camera feed.

Considering how much it costs I would look into a eufy or other alternative. I have a nest too but I don’t like how it sends the video to the cloud before you can see it locally.

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I had Nest too but wanted to get away from Google. Right now I’m looking at Eufy or Netatmo. Both have local on device storage along with HKSV.