Arq Backup to B2, should I worry about buckets? - Solved

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Quick question as I was going into my Backblaze account because I noticed a charge of only a dollar or two. Thankfully nothing to worry about, just the cost of what I’ve backed up which is nice. I was looking at the settings within Backblaze and saw that there’s this thing called “buckets”. I open that tab up and I have one bucket called “my name HD”. this has 500+ gb of files on it presumably from me backing up both my HD and my external Photos drive through Arq to B2. Should I worry about the 2 HD’s backing up to the same bucket? To my understanding when I want to restore something I’d go through Arq if I’m not mistaken or at least use Arq to decrypt it.

It kinda depends I don’t know anything about backblazes specific configuration.

In cloud storage land there are these things called buckets, they are super useful ways of storing files in the cloud in a programmatic way, think Dropbox for web services.

Now they will have replicated the folder structure I image where you have something like /foo/bar.txt and that serves as a unique identifier.

If it’s setup as HDD1/foo/bar.txt and HDD2/foo/bar.txt you will never have a problem. If however it is not and they are using the file path you might have a problem as likely one file might get versioned with the other.

All this depends highly on how there system is configured, if you are really concerned reach out there there support team and ask.

I created a second bucket but need to do some digging later tonight…

I figured it out @Ben_Lincoln thanks. All good.

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You can put each Arq backup into a single B2 bucket or have a new bucket for each when Arq connects to B2, it will find its archives in all buckets that have them. I have verified this via experiment and discussion with Arq support. I use separate buckets for a practical reason. If I ever needed to trash a archive rapidly, I could just delete that bucket (although I recommend deleting an archive from within Arq as the preferred method).

I have one bucket for my HD and another bucket for my Photos drive. Is that what your getting at or creating a new bucket each time Arq uploads?

@RosemaryOrchard can this “Solved” be integrated for the technical support and then people can still comment?


No, you may wish to make a separate bucket for each computer you backup into Arq, or for each share (for example, my Mac Mini has one bucket for its attached storage and one each for the two shares from the Synology it backs up as well).

You do NOT create a separate bucket for each backup - then each backup is starting fresh, rather than an incremental backup from the last one!

Haha that’s what I thought you wouldn’t do that!

Yeah so I have like you with your Mac Mini a bucket for my laptop and a separate storage for my Photos HD storage. I’ll make additional buckets as needed.