Arq Backup v7 released

Arq 7 has been released with a native UI (version 6 used electron) M1 support and supports APFS snapshots among other features. Full announcement below:


I think this will be a good upgrade for me.
Arq 5 has become my go to for file restores since I don’t use TimeMachine any more.

The snapshot feature will be nice, as Fantastical likes to change files during backups.

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I reverted to v5 after all the v6 drama.

What’s v7 like?

I think the views on the Arq subreddit was that it’s a good upgrade - far better than the v6 version.

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V7 is complaining about the certificate on my NAS.
It also didn’t import my V5 tasks (which isn’t a big deal).
The certificate thing is a show stopper though.
I’ve emailed tech support, hopefully we can resolve it.

Just installed. Seems to be a solid upgrade.

No issues with my backups to S3 so far. :+1:

I’ve been trying to understand why I should use Arq for a couple years now? Is it meant to be a replacement for Backblaze or in addition?

I use it instead of, as I have storage offsite that I can use for the Arq destination that doesn’t cost me $5 a month.

I would also use instead of Backblaze, as it stores versions of my files for longer than 30 days without an additional fee.

Arq is good for sending data to long-term cold storage like B2 or AWA S3 or Glacier. The storage costs are very low for these, because the expectation is that the data will rarely be retrieved. Unlike Backblaze (same company as B2) where the expectation is the customer needs rapid retrieval from the archive, and thus the fee is higher.

Here we go again … I avoided Arq v6 because it had a horrible reputation. I hope that’s not being repeated with v7.

I’m sticking to v5 for now. It works.

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It’s probably a valid complaint, but there should be an ‘ignore’ button or mechanism.

Great news! I can stop deferring this backup project in OF. They did exactly what I was hoping for with this release. I’m running backups on 7 to B2 and S3 and happy with performance and stability so far.

Upgrade from v6 to v7 was uneventful, as was scheduled backups to B2 and S3.
It should be familiar to anyone who has used v5. Even drag and drop restore is back.

It’s most ideal if you have unused existing cloud storage with another provider or need to upload to B2 or S3. Also it provides full E2E encryption which Backblaze does not.

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Arq works well locally too, to my NAS and to external drives.

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After v6 issues I lost confidence in Arq. Not sure how to proceed from this point, but I’m still on v5… which… works. on arm via rosetta.

I’m still on v5 because I can use the same license on multiple computers. I’m unsure if I will update to v7 because I would need a new license for each computer

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Has anyone noticed the change in terms of the pricing? It’s not noted on the change log, but it’s a similar pricing model now to that of Agenda by looks, giving a year of updates and then you have to pay again.

It’s mentioned on the documentation page here.

I purchased Arq v2 in 2012, then v3 and v4, and finally an Arq 5 lifetime license in 2016. So it looks like the paid upgrades were coming about once a year in those days. $25/year for an excellent backup solution doesn’t seem unreasonable when calendars are charging $50/year. And Arq 7 accepted my lifetime code so they are honoring their previous sales.

I’ve used Backblaze, Carbonite, Cloudberry (MSP360), Crashplan, etc. and Arq beats them all (IMO). Even with their price change, it’s still the one I recommend.

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Are you able to use the lifetime on more than one computer?