As the post is gone, the whole topic is gone

More or less, at least.

Ignoring half the feature list, my Sure SE215 IEM headphones basically never leave my body, I use them for listening to podcasts on my motorcycle all the time.i have never had a headphone I liked more

Have you tried the BeatsX? They are a neckband style, though without the clunky horseshoe thing, they’re easy to switch between your paired devices, they have buttons for basic operations. I don’t think they’re IPX4, and they’re not noise-cancelling, though I do find that with the right tips they can be pretty acoustically isolated.

I currently have a two-headphone life with BeatsX for most day-to-day stuff, including phone calls when needed. But for running, I really like the Plantronics Backbeat Fit (an older model that you can still find). They’re rainproof and sweatproof: I actually wear them in the shower after a run to rinse them off. They also have buttons for operation, but I wouldn’t recommend making any calls on it.

In summary, I think that you’re looking for a bit of a toaster-fridge. You might be better served by picking two different ones.

You might be looking for the Anker Soundbuds Surge (still my favourites) or the Anker Soundcore SpiritX (noise cancelling isn’t the greatest on the latter though).

Both for a very reasonable price at Amazon

I’ve been very happy with the LG Tone headset. I don’t know if it meets all the items on your checklist, but it’s neckband-with-earbuds style, Bluetooth, I THINK it supports two connections at the same time, it’s rainproof (I don’t know what IPX4 is but I have worn it in the rain), it is simple to operate, fingers can find buttons, it has a long battery life, and you can judge the price for yourself.

I use the LG Tone also. Only issue with it is the two connections. Unless they have upgraded it, I haven’t been able to use it with two devices at the same time. My model doesn’t have noise canceling but I’ve never really needed it.

I use the Trekz Air for the same purposes. They are bone conduction headphones, so you won’t get the powerful bass tones, but they sound good enough for me. I like that I can hear the traffic in addition to music when I ride my bicycle.

Depending on how loud the wind is, I may miss part of what is playing because my brain focuses on the louder noise. I am pretty happy with it.