Assign a title to omnifocus templates in Drafts 5

Done some research but couldn’t find anything similar.

I use the amazing @RosemaryOrchard 's Drafts action group to create and send project templates to OF. I love how it allows to insert a series of task in an existing project or folder. Just great.

The issue (well, not that big of an issue, but it bugs me anyway) I have is the fact that I cannot give a title to my templates.

I use them for some lawyer-y stuff and the various templates are quite similar to each other so it’s difficult to tell them apart.

With Editorial, the filename made easy to differentiate the templates.

Drafts, of course, does not work in the same way.

If I add a line on top of the draft as a title, it creates an empty project or task with that line, and I have to delete it in OF.

I was thinking of using tags, but I don’t want to clutter my tag system.

The solution I’m using is to add the title on the same line of the project name line so that the template looks like this:
template name - «client» / «other party»

  • task1
  • task2

Then in Omnifocus I delete the “template name -” part.

Not ideal, but I couldn’t find a better solution. Any idea?