Atrial fibrilation app

I can monitor my heart beat on my Apple Watch, and it is intermittently not great. The Health app on my phone tells me I can set up arhythmia notifications from the watch. However, when I try to set this up it wants my birthdate. Unfortunately the only way I can enter my birthdate is via a calendar control which defaults to today 35 years ago. The only way to change that date is to finger press the left pointing arrow to select the previous month. Since I’m 69 to set the date would require me to press that arrow over 400 times! I’d probably have a heart attack before I finished. Why not allow me to type the date in the field?

If it’s the same date picker as the steadiness alerts, I think you should be able to tap the month and year on the upper left of the monthly calendar, then scroll the year wheel to the right of the month wheel.