Attention, Scrivener crashing on iOS13!

Just updated my iPhone XS max to iOS13 and Scrivener is crashing when trying to sync. Don’t update yet if you rely on scrivener! (I‘m taking my iPad instead today, but I hope it gets fixed soon.)

hmm i just synced five projects with about 300 files in total, with no issues

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Humm also.

Like @dfay, I updated numerous (and a lot of data) Scrivener projects on IOS13. I’m using Dropbox.

Just works.

@Robert. Is your post not too alarmist to suggest to others to “don’t update” just because you had an issue you attribute to Scrivener? Do you have specific debug info to point issue to Scrivener? Have you reported the issue to Scrivener? If not done so please, along with the debug info. That would help them fix, if in fact it is something they have to fix. That would be useful to all.


Hi. I reported to Literature & Latte, we‘ll see what they say.
I didn’t mean to be alarmistic, but the problem obviously appeared after updating to iOS13. So I suggest to hold back if Scrivener is very important to you.
The problem might actually be Dropbox related. After turning off and on darkmode (which fixed some problems for some users on the Scrivener forums) it doesn’t crash anymore but gives me a notification saying it can’t reach Dropbox.

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In case someone else is affected, here’s the bug hunt going on:Lit&Lat

Robert, I don’t trust Dropbox to sync. There are projects I cannot even open because of Dropbox. They just spin. So I just save to the iPad itself and email myself copies just in case.

I love Scrivener and have never had any problems with the Cloud. In fact, I had to send my iPad in and everything was there once I got it back!

I just bought a new iPad Air. I have been using Scrivener with an iPad mini I bought a year ago. I haven’t used it with the newer machine. (I don’t have a Mac.)

As far as I understand it, Scrivener cannot sync across iPads, right? Will they be able to (once bugs are ironed out, need be) with OS13?

I had emailed Literature and Latte and their support a while ago and the way the tech answered it seemed as if they couldn’t do so because of the way Apple has their software/hardware set up.

I’m not sure I get the question right. But if you use Scriveners sync via Dropbox (which worked well until now for me) you can open your project on any machine. You would just need to link Scrivener on your new iPad to the specific Dropbox folder.

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Using Dropbox as the intermediary, I sync reliably and often between iMac, Macbook, iphone and iPad … all successfully and routinely. and have done so for years. it continues to work well with recent upgrades of IOS.

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Beeing limited to Dropbox and the whole process of having to deliberately sync instead of a background process is a nuisance, but I appreciate the developers explanations that this is the most secure way and that they prioritize data safety over convenience.

I spoke too soon…after getting a new 11 Pro it’s crashing on the new device. I narrowed it down to a single project that syncs fine on my iPad with 13.1.2 and that synced fine on my 7 Plus a few days ago (before the Mic and lightning port failed on that phone, but that’s another story…), but which won’t sync without crashing on the new phone.

Ah, I saw your post in the L&L Forum. It seems obvious that the crash is related to the newest devices, which is strange. I have to admit that I’m looking into Ulysses right now. I love Scrivener, but despite what I said above the whole syncing process is annoying me more and more, also the difference between the desktop version and iOS.

I actually really like the iOS version - I find it a lot simpler and more elegant than the cluttered Mac version, even with the v3 improvements.

I use Ulysses for almost all my research notetaking and a lot of early drafts. It’s pretty bombproof even with 1.2 million words and counting. But I don’t think its organizational features are adequate for writing a ms. of more than 15-20 pages, esp. if you are doing multiple rounds of revisions. In my experience anyway.

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I’m just getting to know Ulysses better. I think I might end up using both: Ulysses for notes, blogposts and shorter pieces, Scrivener for novels. For me Scrivener for iOS needs too much drilling down in the binder, in the inspector etc. I know it’s probably impossible to combine all the features with a slick interface for the smaller tablet screen, but I wished they solved it differently. And I really miss possibilities to add stuff via share sheets or shortcuts, I really miss snapshots on iOS, and as I said, the synchronization process is tedious.