Audacity - 32 bit question

Okay friends. I have a problem. When Catalina hits 32 bit apps are supposed to not work. Does anyone out there use Audacity? I did a check and it says it’s 32 bits. I use it every week to upload my sermon audio for our church podcast. I would hate for it to just disappear. Does anyone know if they are working on some kind of 64 bit version? If not, I’d be interested in another suggestion to replace it. Thanks!

Audacity 2.3.1, which came out in March, is a 64-bit app.


Audacity was the first podcast making app I settled on. Liked it in its more primative form. Glad that it is still being developed. One benefit is it’s aimed at podcasting not music production.

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Somehow I missed the update. Thanks so much! And I’m glad to see others using the app and loving it still!

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Frustratingly audacity doesn’t check for updates. The check for update menu item simply opens their download page in a website and you need to compare version numbers to see if you’re up to date. Possibly the only application I have that is like this.

For the price one shouldn’t complain. Anyway, that’s only slightly worse than the (also free) utility Onyx, which I’ve used for years. I just had to check it manually, and, as always, it noted an update was available, then sent a dmg to downloads which I then had to open and manually move into my Apps folder.