Audio Artwork Rules

Hello all,

My OCD with proper placement is getting to me. I run a small app (similar to Spotify/Pandora) but for a niche community.

I am struggling with creating rules for the following.
Artist Image - all handled on backend by me.
Album Image
User Image (uploaders) - User’s Profile Image
Track Image
Playlist Image - Can be set manually or pulls in 4 random images from the list.

Case Scenario

  1. User uploads an audio file but it has no artwork embedded

Possibile assumptions
1a. User was lazy in attaching image
1b. Maybe this is a new album

Possible Solution
1a. Does the audio file automatically pull image automatically from the Artist Image?
1b. Does the audio file automatically pull image from the User Profile Image?
1c. Reject the upload until artwork is properly submitted

Would this differ if someone uploads a whole album with no artwork?

I could be overthinking this. I am just trying to figure out all the cases. For example, I have one user who lumps all their audio into 1 album year-round with the same album image as their profile.