Audio Hijack 4 Coming Soon — With Scripting Support!

Rogue Amoeba published their 2022 Status Report today, reviewing their releases last year and previewing some things for the coming months. Among some other cool announcements is news of Audio Hijack 4, which they hope to ship “in the first six months of 2022.” Sure to make many MPU listeners (paging @tjluoma) happy is the return of scripting and automation support!

Perhaps the single most notable change, however, is something making a return from years back: scripting support. In the years since Audio Hijack Pro 2 was replaced by Audio Hijack 3, we’ve never stopped getting requests for some type of scripting to make a return. After much research and experimentation, we’ll soon be providing a from-the-ground-up JavaScript-based scripting system, as well as Shortcuts support.

Audio Hijack is one of my favorite and most essential tools as an audio producer, and I can’t wait to play around with these new capabilities :smile:


I was thrilled to read this. Shortcut and JavaScript automation seems like it’s going to cover a lot of the app, and I hope that I will finally be able to retire Audio Hijack Pro running on a Mac with El Capitan!

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