Audio Hijack - capture 12 web audio streams simultaneously

Greetings, I am a long-time Audio Hijack user, but I am stumped for this project…

I need to capture 12 streams of interpreted audio for an event I am producing in a few months. Audio Hijack can handle this - 12 sources to 12 recorders … but I am struggling with how to get the 10 streams into my MacBook M1. Launching multiple copies/instances of any given browser does indeed allow me to connect to the 12 streams as AH sees each instance as a separate source … but the output from any one of those copies/instances seems to be the combined audio of all active instances. MacOs seem to sum the audio of all instances and present hat as each individual instances output.

I’ve tried multiple of copies/instances of the leading browsers … Safari, Firefox, Chrome, and Opera. It must be an App/MacOS thing that tags the App audio out and then sums it when AH sees it.

My fall back is 12 separate browsers - I’ll have to do some homework to see if I can find that many. It’s a bit cumbersome but might work.

I have GarageBand, but have no expereince with it. It seems that it might have the same struggle.

Your thoughts?

I don’t have a solution but it might be worth checking with the Rogue Amoeba folks.

Would something like the Unite app allow you to create 12 different windows for the specific streams? Saves finding 12 browsers! There’s a free trial, so you’d be able to give it a go.

What are the sources of the 12 streams, and do you need the Output right away (live), or do you collect the streams, and process them to get the output at a later point.

I think you could create 10 virtual audio devices with Loopback, set the output of each of the browser instances to these virtual devices and then record them with Audio Hijack. But I’m not really sure, best contact Rogue Amoeba’s support, of course.