Audio problems with MS Teams

I regularly have to use MS Teams for work and I am finding huge problems with it. The issue is that frequently the audio that other participants can hear of me, either doesn’t work at all or alternatively gets into a “loop” of strange noises. I can see and hear everyone without problems. Logging out and back in works for a short time, but then the problem recurs. I have tried completely deleting MS Teams and reinstalling and also installing an older version, but it then updates but I am getting nowhere as it returns and it is affecting work. I am using a M1 Mac Studio using Ventura 13.3.1. The same problem does not occur on my old MacBook Air which uses an Intel chipset. Any other suggestions, other than not using MS Teams (which isn’t an option!)…thanks.

I don’t know if this will fix your sound problems but … I don’t use the app, I use the web version running in Microsoft’s Edge browser. It’s very easy to use - easier than the teams app, which used to cause me lots of frustration.

It also works in safari or chrome, etc, but Edge works better - Microsoft has tuned edge somehow so the experience is richer than if using the other browsers.

If it helps, I also have fantastical setup to open teams meetings using the edge browser (in the advanced settings), so it’s a single click from the menu bar to get going.


Thanks. I might try that…

Are you using a Headset, or Stand-Alone Microphone?
Do you use some kind of App to “Improve” the sound, like “Boom”, or similar?

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tried headsets and no difference. I do use SoundSource, but it was the same when I disconnect it… Thanks

I’m a regular user of the app for work and I have had one colleague mention “crackling” recently when he’s on a call with me. Otherwise everyone seems to be happy with the quality. I use a simple Plantronics headset which for a while was creating problems that I tracked down to being plugged into a crazy chain of Mac->Studio Display->Hub. When I moved the hub to connect directly to the Mac those problems went away.

@Ulli’s points about other software are a good place to look, but I’ve generally found sound problems almost always come down to the headsets I’m using. I think I’m on my second set at home and my third in the office and many of my colleagues have the same sorts of issues.

There was an issue some time ago — not heard of it recently — where headsets would “go Cylon” after being in use for one hour — you’d end up sounding like a Cylon (or Dalek). I think Leo Laporte uncovered this with some of his TWiT podcasters. I have a feeling it was something to do with a timer in the USB chain.

I’ve not had any issues either, using a MacBook Pro with M1, also have sound source / loopback installed.
I either use the studio display mic / speakers or AirPods. Occasionally use the in built ones too.

I use Teams on an M1 Macbook and Studio, mainly with a Studio Display but also with the built-in Macbook mics, and I have no problems with audio. I often need to watch a recap recording, and I hear the audio from my Mac and it sounds clear and without any difference to other non-Mac participants. I use the default app.

Do you use Bluetooth earphones? That could be the issue and I suggest trying with something wired.