Audio/Video Editing software?

The only two apps that I know that can do audio/video editing on the Mac are:

  1. iMovie
  2. Final Cut

One is $0 and limited. The other is $300 and overwhelming (to me, at least).

Is there anything decent in-between, or do I just need to bite the bullet?



I think I saw that you had an iPad somewhere on this forum?! If so, LumaFusion ($20) and is the perfect sweet spot between iMovie and final cut.

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iPad: LumaFusion ($30, with IAPs).

Mac: Adobe Premiere Elements ($100). But FCPX is just such a bang-for-the-buck product for the $300 price I’d probably recommend anyone doing more than a handful of videos to bite the bullet and learn it.

I’ve heard people online recommend Camtasia, but I have no experience with it, don’t know anyone who’s used it. If you need more power than iMovie, Shortcut is a free, open source, cross-platform editor. But I hear it has quirks and almost as much a steep learning curve as FCPX.

Check out Davinci Resolve. It might fall into the overwhelming category, but the base features are free and may be enough for what you need.

I do have an iPad, but I was actually asking because my son is looking for this, and his iPad is very old and creaky.

FYI it seems Apple will soon be offering a 90-day free trial of FCPX:

Also, for $100 less than the retail price of FCPX, you can get an edu-deal that includes final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, and related apps (Motion and Compressor for FCPX, Mainstage for Logic).

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Hrm. I wonder if they offer that price to non-profits. Never hurts to ask, right?

Is your son a student?

He is. A junior in high school.