Audiobook won't be categorised

I have a single audiobook that won’t let itself be categorised as an audiobook. I imported it and it just appears as music, but I can assure that it is an audiobook. Can anyone help me out in categorising it correctly?

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What is the file format (eg AAC, AIFF, mp3, WAV) for the file?

The files are MP3

So Audiobook isn’t being made available as a file option in iTunes?

My general advice is: once the MP3 file has been added to iTunes:

  • right-click the track in the library,
  • Get Info, and go to the Options tab.
  • Set the Media Kind to Audiobook and
  • check the box for Remember Playback Position.
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As @bowline outlined this is one option that works really well. Another option I wanted to share is a great tool I have been using for many years now, Audiobook Builder. It allows creating Audiobooks from the differently formatted audio files. It comes with some great features like Audio File Joining, Enhanced Chapter Stops, Adjustable Quality Settings, and integrates with iTunes as well and for $4.95 IMHO I think it’s a steal. I can only highly recommend it if you frequently want to create Audiobooks.

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FYI I have had and used Audiobook Builder for years and think it’s a great app and have recommended it to others. I use it to take 100+ chapter audiobooks and turn them into a single audiobook file (that’s smaller than the individual ones) that works just as well as a zillion little files, while taking up less space.

BUT… it is a 32-bit app and when I contacted the Splasm developer Allan Woodall this spring about his updating it, he replied,

"We do plan to move Audiobook Builder to 64-bit in version 2.0, but don’t yet have a firm timeline for when that new version will be available. Also, Audiobook Builder 2.0 probably won’t be a free upgrade for our registered users.
Our plan for moving Audiobook Builder to 64-bit is complicated by how the entire “building” part of the application is based on QuickTime 7, which is 32-bit. That means we can’t just recompile the code. Apple’s replacement for QuickTime 7 is quite different so we’ll need several months just to re-engineer things. It’s tricky to give out a timeline, at least at the moment, as we’re hip-deep in developing a mobile version of CheckBook. When we get through that we’ll be able to look further out at what’s needed for later this year."

Still, if you need what it does, $5 isn’t much to pay even if it would necessitate an upgrade charge of another couple of $ when macOS goes 64-bit only.

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It all works now. I had to individually go through each of the 74 chapters and assign it as an audiobook. It was pain but it worked. I know about Audiobooks Builder. I plan to use it sooner than later becaus the audiobooks section in iTunes is a complete mess, which I have posted about previously on here

For future reference you can select them all at once then ‘Get Info’ and change them in Options. Example selecting 12 random MP3s in iTunes:


It wouldn’t let me do that. It would only let me do it individually ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Thank you for these details. Great to know.

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Follow-up: although Audiobook Builder ($4.95) apparently remains a 32-bit I see that a similar app, Audiobook Wizard ($4.99 in the MAS) has just been updated to 64-bit. If Audiobook Builder doesn’t update by the time macOS goes 64-bit only, at least there is this alternative (which for future-proofing I’d choose right now if someone needed this kind of app):

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Looks like a much better app on the surface. Haven’t tried it yet. Have you tried it?

No, but I’d been keeping track of the app in the event that ‘Builder’ never made it to 64-bit next year. I just saw that the latest update came two days ago and that the app was Mojave-friendly and 64-bit compatible, so I thought I’d mention it.

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thanks ill probably give it a spin. I have a major issue with audiobooks for some reason multiplying themselves in my iTunes library… so I would have to build them again, I guess. Audiobook Wizard looks a lot more clean

FYI I just noticed that Audiobook Builder 2 just came out in a 64-bit compatible version. (I have v1.5.7) I plan to test it out, and, given the good experiences I’ve had over the years with the previous version, I’ll probably spend the $4.95 on this new version pretty quickly.

You can buy from the Mac App Store or directly from the developer…

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