August 2020 Sales and Hardware/Software/etc. Deals

EXIF Viewer by Fluntro, a viewer + editor for iOS, now free:

NETGEAR’s Orbi combo Voice Smart Speaker & WiFi Mesh Extender with Amazon Alexa built-in is down to $99.99 from $179.99, and when you visit the site you’ll see a pop-up for 10% off your next purchase for a single item, bringing the price down to $89. (Amazon has it for $149.99)

Sale price of $210 ($40 off) is a great price for this dock, which I intend to write about and which @ismh mentioned on MPU 546.

This dock can even power my Stream Deck XL, which did not like my OWC dock at all.

Also recommended by Mikah Sargent, who reviewed it for TWiT.


This is an excellent dock. I’ve had no problems with it in the last year. I previously had an OWC dock and I had a couple of issues with it and was glad I was able to make the switch.

I have a similar monitor to this and even though it’s not 4K. I’m very happy with the resolution and it’s great for the price point

FYI, PDF Expert for Mac is currently 50% off for its birthday. It’s my PDF editor of choice—on both iOS & Mac, actually. Definitely recommend checking it out.


I actually bought PDF Expert on the Mac App Store via this sale, despite already having a “direct sale” license that I had bought awhile ago through StackSocial or one of those other deal sites awhile ago.

The reason is that I recently went to install PDF Expert on a new Mac and it told me my license was invalid.

Long story short, it’s only good for 3 installs, and if you don’t de-activate it before wiping/reinstalling, you’ll have to contact their support team to get it reset for you. It took multiple days and multiple emails to get this straightened out.

One of the advantages of the Mac App Store is not having to deal with that sort of nonsense.

I’m not sure PDF Expert is any better then PDFpen, which I get through Setapp, but I like having them both around.

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Good to know on the licensing. Thanks! I like PDF Expert on Mac more than PDFpen because I like PDF Expert’s iOS client better than PDFpen’s and so going “all in” make sense for me. Of course YMMV :grinning:.


new bundlehunt with $1 unlock

The following interest me but i have yet to pull that trigger

  • Calendar 366
  • pathfinder

There are some good ones like Default folder, forklift but already got them.

Calendar 366 for Mac is going to smack up against Big Sur’s mandatory clock, which you click to gain access to widgets.

But they have great deals on Pathfinder, Default Folder, and Forklift.

The good news: HardwareGrowler is now free.

The bad news: dev hasn’t updated it in six years. :man_shrugging:

I think it’s been about six years since Growl was updated.

Yet I still use it and greatly prefer it to Notification Center.

Has anyone used Path Finder?

Yes. I used it for about 10 years and recently upgraded to ForkLift when PathFinder switched to a subscription model. I still use PF8 for features that ForkLift doesn’t have, but it’s only once every couple of weeks now.

PathFinder has always been buggy and this subscription model was the last straw for me. It might have been different if there were new features or major bug fixes with PF9, but from what I could tell they didn’t do much more than bump the version number.

Which features?

I recently bought ForkLift via another sale mentioned here, but I’m curious whether PathFinder still adds value.

PS: There is no mention of a subscription in the Terms & Conditions for this App on BundleHunt?

The hex editor, verifying checksums for downloaded files before I decompress them and the drop stack.

I know there are other third party utilities or command line tools to handle these tasks, but PF still works. I just don’t keep PF running all day any more.

There may be others, but I can’t think of them right now.

Path Finder has folder comparison/sync that might be a bit more powerful than ForkLift, but ForkLift by itself is just dandy also does FTP/SFTP.

FYI I just saw this post about Path Finder, which might interest you.

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Like @rob, I’m confused by this statement.

I know they changed their licensing terms, but it seems like it’s an “updates” subscription, rather than a “app” subscription, and I’m more than fine with that. They’ve basically said that whenever you purchase, you get version updates for one full year, and then you have to renew your license if you want more updates. Otherwise you keep the software you have.

Blog post:


[iOS app] Implosion - Never Lose Hope is FREE from $9.99

LiquidText is reportedly discounting every platform license by 20% on the App Store.

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