Aura Series Scanner

I’m getting ready to retire from a university position and have very little room for the books I’ve accumulated in the past 27 years. Have any of you used this scanner? CZUR Aura Portable Book Scanner | With a scanning speed of 2 sec/page – CZUR TECH

Trying to decide whether the spend the $$.

Yes, I’ve run across that scanner many times. I have lust in my heart for it. :blush: But I cannot get past the price.

If you do buy it, please leave a field report.


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I would love to hear from anyone who has used one of these! I am hoping to take a 3 month study sabbatical next year that could take me to three different out-of-state theological libraries, and being able to bring something like this to scan books would be fantastic!


I bought a CZUR ET16 scanner over four years ago, and it works fairly well. The interface is very un-Mac-like and some basic keyboard shortcuts don’t work, but apart from this I’m quite happy with it.

I think it looks fantastic.

If you prefer a Mac-like experience:

I own this scanner for about ten years now. It works fine. But it is more expensive in comparison to the options listed above.

Interesting. I did not know that Ricoh now controls the Fujitsu PFU subsidiary that makes ScanSnaps.


Fujitsu sold parts of their business back in 2022 to Ricoh (long time ago). PFU Limited rebranded everything to Ricoh in April 2023. More on that:

I was not sure what to think about it back in 2023, but as of today I am quite pleased. The software works as advertised. And those pesky ScanSnap Home license adventures are a thing of the past. There are multiple threads in this community, one of them (where I learned about the sale): Ridiculous license on ScanSnap Home seems to be going away

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Oh, I would love that scanner but the $$. I’ve owned a ScanSnap document scanner for years and consider it a vital part of my office setup.