Australian weather app

Hey Australians - what are you all using now that Pocket Weather is gone?

Hi there

I use Pocket Weather as it sources it’s weather directly from BOM.

I also like Carrot Weather as it has an option to use wunderground as a source.

I am a weather junkie though :slight_smile:

I just use the standard BOM app, I also have a shortcut that displays a box with all the weather info from Apple’s weather app.


The standard BOM app. Only issue is that it doesn’t have an iPad version

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may be a bit late for this reply :joy:, only found this post when I used ‘weather’ in my search

I am using Weatherzone, I tried many and found this one is the best for Australian

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Just grabbed this. Have had it before (just not the paid version just dropped a whole $6!). Just wanted an app that referenced BOM and gave a temp on the icon.

@Bill_Aus I am a weather nerd so I must asked for clarification. Which app did you get ?

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WillyWeather is the best app IMO

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Yes, sorry, my bad. I got weatherzone! Does what I want and AW complication is good too. And now @ChrisEdwards has chimed in I need to go check WillyWeather as well! :wink: sigh

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It’s free at least!!!

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I think it comes down to personal preference. For me , I like the look of Weatherzone, especially I can see clearly when rain will come

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Yes, agree though I hadn’t looked at Willy Weather for a while. To remove ads it’s $6 as well and Weatherzone is suiting me!

I don’t remember WillyWeather having ads - I moved countries a while ago so my memory must have faded.

It gives a good view of swell, and we got the ferry from Manly every day into the city so was useful to know how fun the ride was going to be!

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I just rechecked and I didn’t see any either but in the settings, there is a “Remove Ads” for $5.99 option. :man_shrugging:

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Another vote for Willy Weather

I don’t use an app. I just go to the BOM website from my phone.